ANGIEdarkAngelica Buckleton is at her core a social artist, Angelica loves to make art. Starting out as a designer, Angelica really only began taking pictures to bring texture into her design work. Before she knew it, she loved photography.

She’s a social artist.
Angelica also spends her time on community projects, developing and working on creative ways to use her camera to make an impact. Angelica has worked with multiple non-profit organizations and traveled throughout Europe, Australia, and USA to photograph life and bring awareness the beauty of everyday life and the absurdity of simplicity.

She’s a creator.
Angelica is a crock pot of ideas, always on low simmer. She doesn’t sleep enough. Her mind won’t let her. Whether it’s the next shoot, the next book, or the next out-of-the-box idea that probably is too crazy to really pull off but it would sure be fun to try, Angelica just can’t stop. And that’s why her career keeps moving forward. Angelica hasn’t run out of ideas yet – for photos, for art shows, for workshops, for books, for helping other people.


  • Social Artist
  • Swedish Born – Australian Formed
  • Professional Photographer
  • Artists
  • Adventure & Sport Hound